Friday, June 13, 2008

Love to Eat/Hate to Eat Book Discussion: Chapter 2, Question 4

Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion! :-)

Do you see yourself as a lush, green willow that is drinking deeply of God's grace and mercy? Do you believe that you can produce fruit from your life that will glorify Him? What does the fact that these things can be true in your life mean to you?

I'm not sure about a lush green I have to say I'm not there yet. Although I know God's grace and mercy are always available, it still has to be a choice of my will to go to Him. I still tend to try to take care of things myself. I am making progress in this area; slowly, but surely, though. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. That doesn't mean that I am to always try to take the easy road...but I believe that as I deny myself and surrender to Him that by His grace it will be easy. Condemnation and guilt are heavy burdens to bear.

Yes, I do believe that I can bear fruit that will glorify Him because He tells me to an He's not going to tell me to do something that He won't enable me to do. Again, it's all from abiding in Him...I can't make the fruit appear. It has to be done His way. He is really teaching me that He doesn't want me to do ANYTHING...even "good" things on my own. The cool thing is that even though my flesh wants to be independent, I am the most content when I obey Him and abide in Him. In His presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand are pleasures forevermore! (Psalm 16:11)

These things mean a lot to me. I want to Him to fulfill His purposes in me!


Bird said...

It depends on the day. Seriously, for the most part, I'm about halfway there I think.

What is a willow anyway?

Debs said...

A willow is a type of tree. You generally find them right by the side of water, with long branches dipping right down to the water.

Missy said...

I see myself as a scraggly withered weed gulping as much of His grace and mercy as I can. I believe that He can produce fruit from my life, and that my struggle is getting frustrated when I think He isn't or when I think I can do it or decide what that fruit will be myself.

I've got this book, so I should look up this chapter and see if I can grasp the author's point.

Now to that closet...
I hope nothing falls on my head...

char said...

I don't really feel willowy. I feel like I am firmly planted by streams of water that bring fruit in season. Apart from that source I would have already died. Thanks for the reminder.

I am a loser and have not been able to keep up with the discussion. My mom moved in last week.. and although this is a wonderful time... my computer and reading time has been minimal. love to all.. char

dani said...

I don't really see myself as a willow tree either. I think I'd rather be some sort of tall fruit tree. I do believe I can bear fruit, but I don't has to do with whether I am allowing the Holy Spirit to work or not. On my own - no fruit. Or if there is fruit - on my own I want to take credit for it. Something "I did" instead of God working in and through me.

Yesterday I was reading a little bible book to Caleb and the section I read was entitled, "I get to know God better when I learn about His Holy Spirit because this is how He changes me!" and I thought...that is the answer to Brandi's question!
Galatians 5:22-23.

Don't know if that is really the answer or not, but my glorifying God or not has to do with whether I am abiding with/in Him or not.

What it means is - I'm allowing God to work through me or I'm not. And if not then that means separation from God. i.e. I'm not glorifying Him.

I definitely want the fruit of the Spirit to be evident in me and I want to glorify God. It breaks my heart to think that I often miss the mark.

Maybe you can share a little of what the author says in the book. (Btw, I did look for this book at a couple of stores and couldn't find it.)

Debs said...

dani, try amazon. That's where I got my copy.

Brandi said...

Thanks for sharing, everyone!

In out family devotion time this morning, We talked about the verse in Psalm 23, "He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake." We also discussed how although He always leads us into righteous paths, they are not always fun at first. Even Jesus had to suffer...but there was joy set before Him!

That's how I see the work of the Holy Spirit often. Always good, always brings joy, but often not our first choice. So there is usually some sacrifice involved on our parts.

Dani, I wish I could share more about the chapters in the posts, but I just don't have time. I have so many things I want to post about, but blogging has to come after several other priorities and I haven't figured out a way to clone myself yet! ;-) does have the book, or you can try inter library loan.

dani said...

Thanks Debs. I'll try amazon.

Brandi, I understand. If you figure out how to clone yourself, let me know cause I need to do that as well. ;)