Thursday, June 19, 2008


Since not limiting myself to certain foods (I am still cutting out sugar), I have found that I have a weakness: chips. I like them a lot and it is really easy for me to eat too many. I don't think they are unhealthy in moderation, so I have a plan.

When I made my sandwich today, I thought about not having chips at all, but then I had a brilliant idea! I had my son count out 32 Fritos (a serving) onto my plate and I will just leave it at that. That will be my plan any time I have chips. I will have one serving and not a chip more. Of course, if I become full from my meal before the chips are eaten, then I will need to throw the rest away.

What I really need to do is get those single serving packs...


trainedbyhorses said...

Brandi...just a thought...since God wants more than anything for you to have a deepening intimacy with Him and He knows your body bette than about asking Him how many chips instead of Frito Lay? :-) Just a thought...Hope you don't mind the suggestion!

Bird said...

She loves suggestions! ;-)

dani said...

I have to admit that this makes me laugh a bit...but if it works for you then I think it's great. Just don't let it become a legalistic thing...

Are you familar with this

If not, you should check it out. I think you'd like it.

My two cents, please don't throw any stones at me...but if you have a thing for chips just don't buy any. Don't keep them in the house. Only eat them on special occasions. Or only buy chips you don't like very much. :)

char said...

Brandi - I love you. char

Debbie said...

At first I thought you were saying your age and I thought, "Her birthday's not until September . . . " Nevermind the fact that 32 isn't even your age!

Which reminds me of Bird's birthday. At some point during our celebration I thought, "Is this his 30th?" But then I remembered that I'M almost 30 and he's 4 years older than me! HA!

Brandi said...

Heidi--I never mind your input! I appreciate it. I guess I don't think I'm "there" yet, you know? But the good news is, I did hear Him and obey when He told me to stop and I had a few left on my plate :-)

Dani--good suggestion. I appreciate your input as well. I believe you can help me a lot in this journey since you are naturally a person who doesn't struggle with these issues.

I have done just that--not eaten chips--for over a year. I believe God wants me to learn how to eat all foods in a disciplined way. Measuring out portions of "problem foods" is one bridge that I believe He has shown me between not allowing myself that food at all and relying on my ability to follow His Spirit when determining when to stop.

Although my goal is to follow His lead always, I am human and I know my perception of God's leading can get skewed by my love (hate to use that word...) for chips.

Char--I love you too! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

Boo--to clarify. I am 32, Bird is 32 too. We are the same age for 2 months out of the B-day is in August. ;-)

Debbie said...

LOL! As I reread my comment just now I thought, "DOH! Her b-day is August, NOT September!"
The funniest is I know it's the month after my birthday and as I typed my first comment I was thinking September is the month after July. OI! I definitely need a holiday!!!