Wednesday, June 4, 2008

21 Day Habit Challenge Week Two Check In...Are You Still With Us?

Okay, y'all! It's been 14 days. Who out there is still sticking with the 21 day habit challenge? Approximately how many days out of 14 have you been successful? How are you going to make this last week really count? Is this habit going to continue past 21 days? Why or why not?

And, let me add: if you but off more than you could chew...meaning if your challenge was too challenging to begin with, then feel free to modify it.

My habit of sitting down to eat without doing anything else has been much harder than I thought it would be. But I would say that I have stuck with it 13 out of 14 days. Since I eat more than once a day, it's hard to calculate. Most of the time it has had to be an act of my will...not natural.

I do plan to keep this habit up. It is very helpful for me to prevent mindless eating and to actually see how much I am eating so I don't overdo it.


Debs said...

I went off challenge this week. I've been off diet big time with my eating, and although like you said, no-one going to judge me for that, I've just been too fragile to lay it all out like that for everyone to see.

Today I'm getting back on track. I'm going to record what I eat today, and hopefully for the rest of the week. Which will hopefully be enough of an impetitus to keep me on track, an help me end the week at the weight I started it (I weghed myself this morning, and it was not pretty! Some of that may be water, but we shall see).

I'm trying to look at this not as a failure, cos that won't help anyone. And besides, given my life circumstances at the moment, I'm quite honestly impressed that I haven't regained a couple of stone in weight. Cos life is just sooo hard right now.
Rather, it's helping me to identify that yes, I've was downright rebellious in my eating this week. I knew that what I was doing was wrong, and I just didn't care. Or I thought I didn't care, but I did really. Sorry, I'm not sure I'm making sense here.

Anyway, I'm coming back to God and saying sorry. I'm starting afresh doing something (staying accountable with my eating) that can only serve to do be good, so is in my interests to continue!
I think that might make sense, but bear with me if it doesn't!

Missy said...

Debs, (Brandi I hope you don't mind!) I just wanted to encourage you. You keep reaching out, and that is a HUGE success. When I am challenged, be it physically, emotionally or spiritually, my habit is to withdraw. One of the things that Brandi has been reminding me of is that its not really "my" problem(s). It's God's. It's easy to get in the mindset that all I have is God's - praise, glory, glory - EXCEPT my problems. I'll hold onto those, thank you very much. I think Brandi is doing a great job in reminding me to surrender ALL to God. He can do things I never imagined with it. Hope that encourages (or even makes sense!)

Brandi, my challenge has been going wonderfully - but has still been difficult to do in spite of the immediate good results I reported last week. I've been successful 12 of 14 days. Although, Friday & Saturday night wasn't really a failure because I was at a Women's Retreat away from home. I ate with my roommates, though! And, because of the habit, I was mindful of my family at those times. I was testy last night, and I really need to focus on letting go of the rest of my day when I pray before dinner - speaking of giving it up to God. :)

I'll be praying for you both, Brandi and Debs.

Brandi said...

Debs--One day (or moment) at a time, Girl! I don't know all that is going on with you, but I do know that God does. And that He knows exactly what you are going through because He has been there. And I know that His grace is sufficient. I will continue to pray for you.

Also, I am proud of you for repenting of the rebellion (I know that scenario all too well!) and for committing again to the food log.

Missy--you have done well! And I am so glad to hear this blog has encouraged you in your journey of surrender to Him! Praise God!

MaryFran said...

Thanks to this challenge, I've been able to remember (sometimes really late in the day) to take my vitamins each and every day!

dani said...

I've been keeping up with the kids and it is amazing how peaceful our house has been. I don't know exactly how many days I've been doing this, but I've kept up with it for most of them. Sundays are a little different because it is a day of rest for us so the kids are only required to make their beds and clean up after themselves. Because of this, and because we need to get out of the house quickly on Sunday mornings I don't worry as much about whether or not their chores are done. This last week I hope to print out a chore chart for myself so I can check off their chores when I check to be sure they are done. This is a habit I hope to continue.

Bird said...

I think I bit off more than I could chew. I have not been learning two verses a week, but I have been learning one verse a week. The verse for this past week is actually a passage and I'm wondering if it's too ambitous. We'll see.

Debs said...

I'm putting my food log on hold for a bit. My heart just isn't in it at the moment.
I do want to continue, but think I need to just have a break from it for a bit, in order to work through some other issues that have come up. I may blog about some of those, so keep checking up on me..
Thanks everyone for all your support and love and prayers and everything.

Missy said...

Did we just finish 21 days?!?

Yea, its a habit!! I can do it without thinking about it now, right? {c;

Debs said...

Oh yeah, I guess we did Missy. Well, some of you did!
I was thinking we had another week, but that is it.

Brandi said...

Yes, 21 days are up! I haven't had time to officially post about it, but I hope to today.