Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Habit Challenge Begins TODAY!

Tonight, I will go to bed on time! Every night I stay up past my bed time and every day I am tired. I have actually been looking forward to this challenge, because I know I am so weak in this area that I need the accountability. I am looking forward to feeling more refreshed each day.

Missy is joining me in agreeing to go to bed on time each night for the next 21 nights and Debbie will spend at least 15 minutes per day alone with the Lord for the challenge. I am thrilled to have some friends to walk through this challenge with!

Anyone is welcome to join us! If you would like to form a new godly habit, then let me know in the comments. (First, go to the previous post titled "21 Day Habit Challenge Starts Up Again On Wednesday!!" for some tips on choosing a habit to form.) I will make a list of the official participants later on so we can all be praying for each other. If you have time, leave a comment to let me know how it's going for you. I will do the same.

As always, there is a prize! One newly formed habit that will bring more discipline and peace into your life! :-)


dani said...

Brandi, I think I'm going to sit this one out but I'll be praying for you guys.

Missy said...

G'night, Brandi!

(I'm not sleepy in the least bit, so I am very worried - but I shall lie down and wait...)

Layna said...

I just found this blog this week and I love it! I was so inspired from reading about your last challenge that I decided to take the challenge and blog about it too. I thought Brandi's habit she formed was a great idea, so I will be striving toward the goal of always sitting down to eat at the table.

Cristina said...

So far so good, I didn't eat past 8:30. :) I had to go run an errand after dinner, so I ate my dinner and ran out. When I was headed home it was 8 and I was afraid I wouldn't make it back home in time for my evening snack, so I stopped at Starbucks and got me a light version of a frappucino. :) 'Twas yummy for the tummy!

Brandi said...

Great job, ladies!! I was in bed at 10:01 last night and I do feel better today!

Dani--thanks so much for praying!