Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Not Always Easy...

...but it is worth it!
I have to remind myself of this truth. I have been looking forward to leftover pizza for lunch. I ate a light breakfast, but alas it's lunch time and I am not hungry yet. In my dieting days, I would just eat because it was "time" to, but the Lord had called me to go by hunger cues. Sooner or later I will become hungry and will enjoy some. It will taste better because I will be hungry and will be eating within the boundaries my loving Lord has given me.

There are times when I do go ahead and eat when I haven't experienced physical hunger yet. Mainly if I am close to being hungry and it's family dinner time or some other kind of gathering. But other than that, I am supposed to eat for hunger...not because it's "time to," I "deserve" to, or to meet an emotional need. God uses these situations to teach me patience, among other things. He is so good!


char said...

Brandi - Just wanted to update you on my eating lately. I have started going to the WW meetings you know.. but I am doing the CORE program which does hinge on gaging your hunger before during and after you eat.. I feel well and feel like I am being obedient most days. Love you.. char

Brandi said...

Cool, Char...thanks! I'd love to hear more about hat sometime!