Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Habit Challengers Check In Here!

We are 14 days in to our second habit challenge. How's everyone doing?
Debbie--How's the time with God going?
Missy--Any more success with going to bed (and to sleep) earlier?
Cristina--Keeping to the snack time boundaries?
Bird--Going over your verses every day?

Me? This challenge has been challenging :-), but very good! I have made it to bed within 5 minutes of 10:00 each night except when we've been out of town or on a day when we had just driven back to town.

Keep persevering! If you've fallen off, get back on! 7 days to go!!!!


Bird said...

I keep forgetting! Maybe my lovely wife can gently remind me in the mornings? ;-)

Missy said...

I've had no success with my original plan. Going from a 2am to 10pm bedtime has been too big a bite, so I've adapted my plan. I reset it to midnight. I know that does not sound like the best plan, but it's been a successful one! Now, I am actually getting to sleep on most nights by 11:30. Once I've got this one reset, I will aim for 11pm, then 10pm. Baby steps.

Great job on yours, Brandi!

Missy said...

Bird - maybe you can work one of your verse into the last line of your food journal each day? Or type it at the bottom of each personal email you send out?

Brandi said...

Sure, Honey! :-) Those are great suggestions, Missy!

And you are right about baby steps. Those are so KEY in forming new habits. 2am? What time do you have to wake up in the morning anyway?? :-)

Cristina said...

I was doing good with no eating after 8:30 pm until the 4th of July. It totally skipped my mind and I didn't realize it until after the fact. There have been a couple of other times since then that I have eaten past 8:30 and on those days I was totally aware of what I was doing and I still did it. Back on track tonight...lights out in the kitchen at 8:30.

Thanks for checking up on us Brandi.