Wednesday, July 16, 2008

21 Days Are Up!

So, thus ends our second 21 Day Habit Challenge. Did anyone stick around to the bitter end? Give me your thoughts, people!

I was able to go to bed on time within 5 minutes of 10:00 every night except a handful...and most of those were unavoidable because of traveling. However, I don't know if it qualifies as a habit for me. Probably because I took weekends off. But I am really glad I did it and I do feel a bit more refreshed! :-)


Debbie said...

Hey Brandi!
Thanks for doing this challenge it helped tremendously in my being intentional with spending time with God. I'm still working on making it a habit, though. But I'm not giving up! I wouldn't have made it this far (of having a proper QT about every other day) if it weren't for your challenge. Thanks!

Bird said...

I'd have to say I'm better at memorizing scripture, but it's still not a habit. :-(

In the words of Ming Ming ...

Oh well, I tried.

Missy said...

I love Ming, Ming! He (she?) is wise.

Sorry I'm late, Brandi. I sent Mom off back to Austin early this morning. We've been running around showing her the sights for the last 10 days.

This last stretch went much better, even with my travels. I have been getting bed consistently this week by 11pm. And with the running around, I am actually falling asleep almost immediately. The habit is developing, and I am working on improving incrementally until I am getting to bed by 10pm.

I am glad for your success! This one was tough. :)

Cristina said...

I started out good but oh boy, did I do aweful! Well, maybe not too too bad but I went past 8:30 several times. Looking forward to the next 21 Day Habit Challenge. :) Thanks for doing this Brandi!