Sunday, July 27, 2008

From "The Diet Alternative"

A person can be just as obsessed with food when he is on a diet as when he is overeating. He still thinks about food just as much.
There are some highly successful diet plans which allow you to eat a great deal of food, but only certain types...
It is like a heroin addict going on methadone--the addiction is still there, but you take methadone instead of the more destructive heroin.
pages 18-19

By the way, my intent here is not to condemn all diets. The Lord has used diets in my life in the past. I am simply pointing out that while diets can help us lose weight and adopt healthier eating habits, they do not address issues like gluttony, self-indulgence and idolatry that are frankly ... sin. When I reached my "goal weight" on South Beach, I found that I could eat a little more, but in order to stay at goal, I still had to continue to diet. I had learned how to "make the food behave" (to borrow a term from one author), but in order to walk in true freedom from gluttony and dieting, I know that it will take something different. I need to learn how to make myself behave which really means allowing Christ to transform me into His likeness.


Missy said...

Amen, Brandi! I was beginning to see this, too, in my own struggles. I am so glad to have your support and friendship as we both transform!

Layna said...

Maybe I missed it, but could you define gluttony so that I can better understand. In the meantime, I'll do some studying myself. Thanks

Nikki said...

I am so glad you are doing this! I can't wait! I think you and I struggle with the same food issues and I look forward to growing in the Lord and not my pant size! Thanks for doing this!

Brandi said...

Missy, Me too! :-)

Layna, your question is a great one and I admit that I don't know a precise definition. I think this is post-worthy, so I am going to post about it. Please share any insights you come up with in the comments.

Nikki, I am looking forward too! Glad you are joining us.

Layna said...

Thank you:)
My book came today! I'm so excited to be in the book discussion!