Friday, May 23, 2008

It's My Choice

1. Suffer doing what is right and have peace and joy being surrendered to God.
2. Have temporary happiness doing my own thing and then suffer greatly with regret because I was not surrendered to God and our relationship has been strained.

Put another way...

1. Accept the fact that I am blind in and of myself and I need to wait for my Guide to lead me in safety, peace and joy with Him.
2. Do what seems right to me even though I have not sought God's will or heard from Him yet and end up wandering around aimlessly or getting trapped.


Debs said...

I think this past week i've been putting temporary happiness (when I eat something) ahead of long-term happiness (becomming a healthier body weight, and having my body reflect more the glory of God)

I don't really know how to change the mndset myself, I guess that's the thing - I can't change it myself, it can only be done with God's help.
Sorry if this is all a bit rambling, but it's sort of coming to be as I write it, and making me reflect more upon it.
I'll keep thinking and praying about it, and comeing back here to check in with you all, but most of all endevour to lean on God at this time in my life where no human seems to know what's wrong with me. I know that God loves me, and can heal me. I need to stop focusing on me, and focus on him.

Brandi said...

You are in a good place, Debs. Anything that keeps you focusing more on Him and less on yourself is a good matter how hard it is at times :-)

I am here to help however I can. I try not to dump buckets of advice on people, so if you want advice...pleas ask. I will say that I really recommend the book, Love To Eat, Hate To Eat. It addresses a lot of the things you mentioned.

Debs said...

I have a copy... it's just finding the time to read it properly. I will try..
Thanks for being here Brandi, and suggesting the food diary. I'm sure, given the circs of the week, that my eating would have gone out of the window by now, if i wasn't trying to think about what i eat.
And even though i had a blip on Monday, it was only a little one, and it felt really freeing to actually record the blip - in the past I've just have stopped doing the diary. But cos i was comitted to writing it, the blip was only small, and it felt ok sharing it.
Does that make any sense at all?
(It's 6.30am and I have to get going with my day..)

Brandi said...

That totally makes sense! I am so glad you have stuck with it!