Wednesday, May 28, 2008

21 Day Habit Challenge Week One Check In...Let's Have It!

So, comment and let us know how the habits have been (or not been) forming. Be honest. Is this helping? Why or why not?

Here is the list of those of us forming new habits...pick someone to pray for:

Missy--sit down to eat dinner each night until everyone is finished.
Kellie--exercise 4 times per week.
Bird--memorize 2 scriptures per week
Maryfran--take vitamins every day.
Milly--not speak ill of anyone.
Dani--Check each day to be sure the kids have done their chores correctly
Julie--read a chapter per day in the Bible
Debs--record everything she eats in a food diary
Brandi--Sit down to eat without doing anything else at the same time.

I will go first. :-)

Stopping everything and sitting down to eat has been very good for me. First it pretty much eliminates mindless eating and it helps me to have more time to think, "Am I really hungry?" Instead of just putting something in my mouth because I want to or because it's "time to." It also eliminates the bad habit of just eating without having put food on a plate first like at a party. I totally goofed last night and did that at the refreshment time after Life Group. Woops!

I have done really well for the most part, but I still am tempted to eat snacks without sitting down or sit in front of the computer with my snack. I am going to make myself sit either at the table or the sofa.

How are all of your habits forming? How can we help?


Missy said...

Brandi, I am glad to hear you are already enjoying the benefits of this new habit! I will continue to pray for you, specifically that you can be mindful of what you are doing when snacking. It is very tempting to try to multi-task.

I posted on the first day how difficult it was to sit down to dinner with the family, but we have done it all week. I chose a difficult time on the Hormone Calendar to start this, but no excuses. After making a conscious effort to go to God with my impatience, each day has improved. The family really seems to enjoy the time together, and a couple of unexpected benefits have appeared. 1) My husband has been coming home earlier so he won't miss family dinner time, and 2) I have not gone for 2nd's once this week! I find I am eating slower while visiting so I get full with less food. Still working on my harsh reaction to poor manners and pray that I can be a patient and gentle teacher.

Bird said...

Has it already been a week? Well, I did memorize one scripture, and I've got it down good. :-)

I'll keep working on two per week.

Kellie said...

I did not make it for 4 days but I did do 3 which was up from 0 the past several weeks. I am feeling good about it and to be honest 3 is problably more attainable for me with my crazy schedule. Great job Missy, Bird, & Brandi.

MaryFran said...

This has been the kick in the butt that I needed. Vitamins for me are simply something that I need to make a habit of. I am proud to say that I have managed to get my vitamins down the hatch each and every day. One day was TOUGH. I forgot and was at work. THANKFULLY, I remembered later at home....better late than never!

Kellie said...

Great job Maryfran....I am sure your body is thanking you.

Kellie said...

Great job Maryfran....I am sure your body is thanking you.

dani said...

I've been checking on the kids and things have been getting done but there is still a ways to go. As you know, I still haven't posted on this...sorry...last night after feeding Ben (at 2:30 a.m.) I was awake for several hours thinking about the post I would write...and praying that I would go back to sleep. Too bad my thoughts don't go straight from my brain to my computer. Sigh. Then again, maybe it's a good thing. ;)

Eric, what verse are you learning? Did you tell us?

Great job Brandi and everyone else. Praying for you all. :)

Debs said...

Um, I've been keeping my food diary. I haven't written it for today, and i acutally think i'll do that tomorrow, cos i'm really tired now. But I know what I ate today.
It's been a really freaky week. All sorts of emotional stuff going on, but I think eating-wise i've been ok.
I'm not sure I'm on any particular phase on south beach (as in somewhere between 1 and 2), but I've weighed a couple of times, and my weight is going down, and so are the cravings for bad things.

Thanks Brandi and everyone. I'll come back and read this post and the comments in the morning, cos i just skimmed it this evening - too tired to take it in properly.

Brandi said...

Missy--It's so encouraging for me to see the positive changes that are happening for you with just one simple lifestyle adjustment! Way to go! Thanks so much for sharing your success with us!

Bird--good job getting one verse done. I know you've been really busy :-)

Kellie--way to go, Girl! 3 is a LOT better than 0!! Keep it up!

Maryfran--great job...way to stick with it!

Dani--your habit is really a lot of little habits all rolled into's great to see you are getting going with it. Just a little at a time. I know from my own experience it's a toughie! :-)

Debs--I'm proud of you for faithfully keeping your food diary. Keep up the good work!

Bird said...

I'm learning John 3:17. Actually, I've got it down pretty good. And I'm learning, coincidentllly, Colossians 3:17.

Debs said...

Bits of my week have really sucked. Like, pretty much it's been one of the worst weeks I've had in a long time (and given my current state, that really is saying something!)
However, having committed to keeping a food diary, it meant that even when I had a bit of a blip, I didn't immediately give up hope, stop the diary and pig out. Instead, I wrote it down. Admitted it, realised that actually I didn't really need it, that pigging out wasn't going to help anyone, and generally got back on track.