Friday, May 23, 2008

21-Day Habit Challenge Day 3 Check In: We're All In This Together!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I wanted to post yesterday, but it was one of those days that turned into one of those nights where you can barely muster up the strength to turn on he dishwasher before crawling into bed...

So, here's the official list of people taking part in the 21 day challenge to form a new habit:

Missy--sit down to eat dinner each night until everyone is finished.
Kellie--exercise 4 times per week.
Bird--memorize 2 scriptures per week (which verses are you memorizing this week?)
Maryfran--take vitamins every day.
Milly--not speak ill of anyone. (Did I get that right, Milly?)
Dani--Check each day to be sure the kids have done their chores correctly
Julie--read a chapter per day in the Bible
Brandi--Sit down to eat without doing anything else at the same time.
If you are taking part in the challenge and are not on this list, please say so in the comments and I will be happy to add you. :-)

Please take a moment to choose someone to pray for. Okay, now let us know how it's going so far.

I will start. I did well Wednesday and most of yesterday, but then I actually forgot the first part of my goal. So I ate snacks while standing up. And I also ate while at the computer a couple of times, but by His grace I stopped. It is taking some getting used to, but this is really good for me.

I am looking forward to hearing from you all!


Debs said...

Ok, I think I need to join you all in this. My eating is gettingout of control, and I know I'm going to be up again for my weigh in this week. And I know it's because I've just spent the week eating mindlessly, with brain disengaged. I don't know exactly that my strategy will be, I'm gonna pray some more about that, and let you know.

But I think I do need some accountability, and in particular someone asking me specifically 'what did you eat today?' so i have to stop and think about it.
Does that sound ok, Brandi?

Brandi said...

I'm glad you are here, Debs! I would love to help hold you accountable. II can't commit to asking you EVERY day what you ate, but why don't we do it this way: Why don't you join us in the 21-day habit challenge. (You will just be 3 days late...who cares?) Your habit can be to keep a food diary. You can leave your daily diary entries in the comments of the check-in posts or on your blog or whatever. Do it every day for the next 21 days. How does that sound?

As I am sure you know, I am mainly going to focus on the spiritual issues related to eating here...not merely weight loss. I do believe that once the spiritual issues are addressed, that weight-loss will occur for those who need to lose and usually some type of diet plan is helpful in that process.

I also believe that being overweight is a signal that there probably are spiritual issues involved. I mean, if there weren't, why isn't it as simple as realizing one needs to lose and then just eating less? Now, it is different for different people. Some it is more laziness, lack of self-control, mindless eating as you put it. It can also be gluttony and idolatry...just plain loving food which is sin (though nobody wants to call it that :-) )

I hope this helps...I am here for you and am glad you are making steps to get some accountability. you have done fantastic and I know it's hard when you're in a slump, but God knows you intimately and even this issue is important to Him and He is the answer!

"Apart from Me, you can do nothing."

Brandi said...

Debs--I forgot to add, I did pray for you :-) And can you hold me accountable? We are having someone over for a birthday dinner and I probably will be tempted to over eat. The food is healthy, but yummy (Whole Wheat pizza, salad and chocolate cake.) The cake is what I am most inclined to go overboard on so I commit to tell you if I eat more than one piece.

dani said...

Brandi, I just want to check and make sure that it is okay for me to be answering these questions even though I'm not focusing on eating issues? Please let me know if you'd rather I not comment. I won't be offended. :)

About my habit - I haven't started yet because I've been crazy busy but I will do it tomorrow!

MaryFran said...

Debs, I'm always up for some one on one accountability with eating and such if you need something every day!

Bird said...

I'll get with y'all tomorrow. ;-)

Julie said...

Brandi - I’ve got stuck in Jeremiah. My goal is to read a chapter a day till I’m finished.

Please all feel free to check up on me. I set it as a ‘new leaf’ on my birthday. If I miss a day, I read 2 chapters the next day. So far, I’m on track…just need to catch up yesterday.

Brandi said...

Dani--your habit is definitely approved ;-) This blog addresses eating and body image issues and anything pertaining to complete surrender th Christ

Julie--great! Keep up the good work! Glad you are joining us!

Debs said...

Ok, I'm going to start tomorrow (sunday, as I'm already halfway through saturday, and it's a bit of a weird day) and I will keep a fod diary on my weight-loss blog. I'd been thinking about doing the photos thing again,but decided that was more brain power and effort than I had, but just a list sounds do-able, and a good idea.
MaryFran, I'm off to check your blog.

Bird said...

Ok, I picked my verse to start off with: John 3:17. Yes, the verse after John 3:16.

If I remember correctly, it goes like this:

"For the Father did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but so that the world through Him might be saved."

Debs said...

I posted my first day of my food diary
(on my blog, 'can big change to beautiful?')

Debs said...

How are things going for you, Brandi?
big hugs

Brandi said...

Going really well...thanks for asking! I am off to check your food diary :-)

Brandi said...

OK, Debs...I'm back. I am very proud of you for logging everything! And your new pics look great!!

What is the status of your health right now? I have not had time to read all of the OWOA posts lately. It looks like you are in pain and don't know from what? I will be praying for you. One of the biggest hardships in life is when you feel bad...

Kellie said... is dinner going sitting down with the family? Are you finding it more enjoyable to eat when you are not focused on other things or in a rush?

Brandi said...

Thanks for asking, Kellie! Things are going well (see the latest post for details.) Comment in the new post and let me know how things have been going for you with exercise!