Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thank You

I just want to take a moment to say, "thank you" to the man who has given me one of the most precious gifts anyone could give me. My husband works very hard (he is at work right now, in fact) so that I can be home with our children full-time.

There were seasons of my life when I had little appreciation for the ability to stay home. Although I thoroughly enjoyed it, I actually felt like it was I who was doing them a favor. But as the Lord has matured me, and through other events in our lives (including a 3 year stint of working part time outside of our home), I have come to realize that I am one of the most blessed women in the world to be able to be with our children all day, every day.

I get to be here when they have a question about God, when they choose to open up their hearts, when they are scared or sad, when they just are playing but it's oh, so cute! I wouldn't trade that for anything.

In order for me to be home, we have made a lot of sacrifices, but I feel so rich...all of the sacrifices are worth it. SO worth it!

There is so much more on my heart, but words fail me. I just wanted to say, Thank you, Honey. Thank you for taking care of us.


Bird said...

You're welcome! :-)

It blesses me like crazy to know that you're home with the kids all day taking care of them and the household.

char said...

Brandi - Can I say thank you to Bird too? :) It is very worth it isn't it? char

Anonymous said...

I'm behind you on this! Bird, from another stay at home mom, thank you! It's hard to put into words the appreciation and love we have for our guys that cherish us being at home with the kids.

Elly said...

I had 18 years at home with my children and I feel so priveleged to have had the chance. I didn't even home school - I think its less common here in England although I know a few who do now. Then it was unheard of by me at least. Part of that time included childminding 2 days a week for a good friend who felt she needed to keep working at least part time for the mental stimulation it gave her. We are all different. But I agree I was blessed and you are too. Enjoy life with your children.

Brandi said...

You ladies are so cool! :-)