Friday, October 31, 2008

His Promise Part 5

I have been meaning to post about my progress with eating issues for a while, but I have just had a hard time fitting it in. Some of us are participating in a book discussion and here is my answer to the question, "Describe where you are in your journey to freedom from gluttony." Here's my answer:

I would say that I am 90% “there.” Meaning I can “taste” freedom. (Pun intended!) I am characterized by not giving into gluttony ( this is sure to be tested!!) and I am usually not tempted. Even in “trigger times” like stress and depression, I am not likely to immediately want to eat. I give God all of the glory and I am so grateful. I also know that I will need to be on my guard the rest of my life, but I am happy with my progress.

Thank You, Lord. I am so grateful!

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Layna said...

That's wonderful to hear:-)