Friday, October 3, 2008

Sleep. I highly Recommend It.

I have been going to bed around 10pm each night, giving myself close to 8 hours of sleep. I can't tell you what a difference this has made in my life!

Before, I would get to bed on an average time of 10:45. I always got up on time faithfully, but for some reason, early rising did not make me go to bed early like I had always heard. Before, I was not as much sleepy as "dragging" all of the time. This also led to feeling overwhelmed easily and snacking more frequently since I would think I needed something to "perk me up." Not to mention my former caffeine addiction. (Okay, to be honest, I still have some addiction, but I drink less than one cup of coffee in a whole day and I don't need it first thing in the morning.)

I can definitely say that I won't have any trouble continuing this habit after the Habit Challenge is over. I feel so much is enough motivation to get to bed on time. Everything is better when you are well-rested! (And you DO get more done!)


Elly said...

You have really challenged me with this. I think it might be my next habit to tackle.

Missy said...

This is great to hear, Brandi. It is an encouragement to try and do the same. Keep it up, sis!

Bird said...

It's had an impact on me, too. ;-)