Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Habit Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

Okay, Bird, Debs, Layna, Missy, Tami and...Me! Habit Challenge starts tomorrow! I will do my very best to have a check-in post every day and I encourage you to pop in and let us know that you are on track. Just a word of encouragement: think how great you will feel once you have completed the challenge! Don't give up. Persevere and make this a priority.

Let's go!

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Debs said...

Ok, sorry I didn't come back and say what my habit is - I've been ill and our internet went down last night.
I'm going to start using this website
to help me spend time in the bible. This is something I'm really struggling with, and I know that's not helped by or helping with my depression.
The good thing about this site is that it's the bible right there, so i don't need to think, hmm, what shall i read today. And there's an option to play it to you, so i will be reading and listening at the same time.