Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dieting Is For The Dogs!

We are having a wonderful book discussion on "The Diet Alternative," and I just love the analogy that Laura made between dieting and a mean dog. She graciously allowed me to share it here as well. Thanks, Laura!

Compare and contrast the decision to address overeating as a spiritual issue versus addressing it with dieting.

I fully agree with what Diane says about dieting and the fact that it does not solve the heart issue of overeating. Dieting might work for someone who ate too much on a vacation and gained a few pounds but does not otherwise have any food issues. But if gluttony is the root, then dieting won’t cure it. It’s like putting a mean dog in a fenced yard. The dog can’t hurt anyone while fenced, but when it finds a way to get loose, it will be as mean—or meaner—than it was before. All dieting does is put a temporary “fence” around my eating behavior. But once the fence is gone (the diet is over), I still have the same “me” that couldn’t control my eating to begin with.

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